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Chairman – Mr. R.K. Gupta


Higher education in college is not merely a degree but an experience which moves young men and women along the path from adolescent to adulthood. The challenge parents and students who are looking for higher education face today, is the cost factor yet have no job at the end. Of course, it all depends partly on the particular student but also on the kind of industry and the training college he or she selects.

A good college experience involves meeting new people, new ideas, new view points, new places, new forms of living, new conception of life and love, work and play. It is a place of learning what the world has to offer and trying out ways to respond to it under reasonably protected and guided circumstances. Everything happening within a college environment should be enriching the educational experience deepening with the life of mind, the body and the spirit.

ASPIRE College of Higher Education has stepped forward with the challenge to provide such wholesome education in training young minds across Sri Lanka and round the world with its exclusive qualifications. ASPIRE believes its trainings are not just to satisfy with a certification but simply preparation for “work force”.

There is no shortcut to become a professional in any education system or industry training but to use your fullest capacity to be “World Ready”.

Ms. Kate Lowe

Director/ General Manager