Chairman – Mr. R.K. Gupta


Congratulations to you in choosing to pursue your lifelong career ambition at ASPIRE College of Higher Education, dedicated to develop the talents of you young students across a wide spectrum of new age service industries. For years, many undeniable forces hampered the development and vision of Sri Lanka, a country bursting to shed its inhibitions and to show the world what she’s capable of. Today, the opportunity is with us, and I fully understand your need to hit the acceleration pedal in terms of financial success, life ambitions and career goals. Despite the global financial meltdown, there is still a huge demand for genuine talent and professionally honed skills in new age careers in the Aviation, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism sectors, Business as well as in corporate training and Human Resources Solutions. If you are anxious to make your mark in the local and global arena, I am glad you chose to be a part of ASPIRE, for our tailor – made, world certified curriculum has been fashioned with a lot of international experience and expertise to make you ‘world Ready’. Once again I congratulate you on your ‘wise decision’. Take this opportunity to pledge my fullest support and that of the eminent panel of Academic and Industry Experts, to guide and develop you down your chosen career path.

Good Luck!

Mr. R. K. Gupta

Founder Chairman & Managing Director